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Rome, Luiss, Italy.             Vienna, WU, Austria.         Tel Aviv, Coller, Israel.         Helsinki, Aalto, Finland. 






DBI Austria, WU, Vienna, July 2022

DBI Israel, Tel Aviv University, May 2022

  • David Wellendorf, MBA@UNC 2022: This was by far my favorite DBI when comparing it to the Mexico City one. Maybe that’s because I have been to Mexico before 10+ times and Israel was a new culture for me to experience. My opinion on Jewish and Muslim communities has changed dramatically. Israel’s high technology and innovative business culture is engrained into every part of Israeli society. The cultural excursions are a truly unique look into the world’s history and into some of the most holiest sites for Jews, Muslims, and Christians.100% would recommend this DBI!

DBI France, Paris, ESSEC, July 2022

  • Rae Hamm. EMBA 2022: The most rewarding part of this experience was being exposed to a new culture and the history behind the city as well as learning about luxury brands and the impact the brands have had on all cultures. Also making connections with everyone and bonding through that. This short exchange program was a life changing experience.

DBI Italy at LUISS Business School, Rome, September 2021

  • Saloni Desai, MBA@UNC 2022: I couldn’t be more ecstatic with the cultural experience and the relevance of content delivery from Prada Group – a truly wonderful experience.
    Sofia Estay, MBA@UNC 2022: I really enjoyed making friends in the program – both my UNC classmates and European students I met there. Also, visiting the Prada Industrial Headquarters was one of the most interested and unique experiences I’ve ever had. I learned that I can make friends with others outside of my culture very easily. I also learned how much I can grow by just “going with the flow” and really immersing myself in another culture. I really value the way Italians consider the whole person and life purpose when discussing career and professional life.

DBI China at Peking University, June 2019

  • Viet Le, MBA@UNC: I didn’t want to leave China when the course ended, it felt like I was leaving home and leaving family behind! No offense to my current or previous professors, but this is the best course I have taken in my entire academic career (Grade school thru MBA).
    Caroline Bower, MAC online: So inspiring in so many aspects. Amazing people and country. I can’t wait for an opportunity to return in whatever capacity.

DBI France at ESSEC Business School, Paris, July 2019

  • Zania Patterson, MBA@UNC: My most rewarding experiences were: Networking and meeting other MBA cohorts from around the globe. Creating connections and the level of expertise from the professors that are teaching the program. Every cohort is very professional and accomplished. We created a strong bond. In fact, the last day of class, we were crying because we formed such a strong connection. We are planning a reunion very soon in the future.

DBI France at EDHEC Business School, Nice, June 2018

  • Adrienne Fraser, MBA@UNC: When I chose Leisure & Lifestyle summer program, I knew that I was getting quality instruction and experiences because of EDHEC’s supportive business partners and professors. As an already working professional, I was already used to working and attending graduate school year round; attending a summer program was par for the course. I gained exposure to France-based companies and international perspectives that I can contribute to any of my future endeavors. Additionally, having the opportunity to meet other business students from around the world was priceless. I made great connections with my fellow classmates, which really enriched my academic/professional network. I would absolutely recommend it! The EDHEC Summer Program was a very positive experience and I look back on both my personal and educational memories fondly. Read more…

DBI France at EDHEC, June 2019

  • Jennifer Buie, MAC Online 2019: I have never been out of the United States. With that being said, I chose this program because I wanted to get a better understanding of “who we are and how we value things in life. This experience will give me an advantage in business as well as bring opportunities from other areas around the world. When I return I will share with others the valuable knowledge that I have received along with gaining invaluable time visiting Nice, France. Read more

DBI Norway at NHH, July 2019

  • Jenny (Ji-Hye) Lee, FT MBA 2020: I got back from my exchange and I am still excited and fascinated about Norway!
    It was one of the best experiences in my MBA! I really appreciate the time and the opportunity I had. The class was excellently designed, with diverse profile students from all over the world. It really helped me broaden my perspectives on natural resources and motivate me to research more on my own. Not to mention Norway – the country itself – was so beautiful and worth visiting!